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We automate your data systems

Don’t waste time doing manual, repetitive tasks to collect, manipulate or analyse data. automate.IT is an established company that specializes in automating these tasks for you. We can deliver the processed data in any format requested.

For continuous processes we can provide you with custom tools, written with standard open source libraries, that do the dirty work for you. Small tasks or large projects, automate.IT has the proficiency to support you. 

Not sure if your specific problem can be automated? Don’t hestitate and leave us a message, we’ll see how we can help!


Automation tailored for your business

Different problems require different solutions. See below how we can help you.

Web3 & solidity smart contracts

automate.IT offers a dedicated and specialized team of web3 and solidity experts.
Our services range from developing custom smart contracts, smart contract audits, defi protocol designs, web3 integrations and much more.

Data Collection and Analysis

Struggling to collect or manipulate a large quantity of data? No need to worry about web scraping, data cleaning or data analysis, we have the skills and computing power to do the job for you. You will receive the data in the requested format.

Tools & high-frequency trading

For tasks that must be performed periodically or even on a continuous basis, automate.IT can provide you with the proper tools. Ranging from web scrapers to high-frequency trading bots. Ask us about UI’s or the visualisation of properties of your data.

Our Team

Jasper Van Pee


Jasper holds a Master of Engineering degree from the KULeuven. He is an enthousiast developer of automation tools and scripts, focused on web  automating, web3 and solidity.

Thomas Smets


Thomas graduated as a Master of Engineering from the KULeuven. Apart from writing web scrapers, Thomas’ main focus is the manipulation, analysis and visualisation of large data sets.

Seppe Neyens


Seppe obtained his Master of Engineering degree from the KULeuven. Seppe is an expert in managing and manipulating data sets.


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